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Doouble Motion Studio.

Is a design studio specialized creating custom motion graphics videos, founded in 2012 in Barcelona and based in Berlin since 2014.


We always highlight the own character of each project to be unique and original.


Motion graphics brings together in one piece all the other artistic disciplines.


















Müggelstr. 18. Berlin, Germany.

General Info: info@dooublemotion.com






Google, Design Hotels; Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Woogga; Grupo Correos; ACT leading treasury professionals; Penguin Randon House; Stradivarius; Vodafone; Zalando; Knauf; Novartis; SlashMobility; NHS UK; Sheraton; Le Meridien; W Hotels; Victoria BID; CARBON60; Westin Hotels; El Corte Ingles; Hipnotik Festival; UMOtv; Dacadoo…